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Retreat to the Red River Gorge’s Big House Lodge to relax, reflect, or unwind!

    Red River Gorge Retreats is a vacation rental business located in the Red River Gorge area of eastern Kentucky in a small tourist town called Slade in Powell County. It sprang up off of Miguel’s Pizza restaurant business originally to at first accommodate the rock climbers who first came around looking for housing. Miguel’s pizza first opened its doors in 1984.

    The first lodging was the 4 shower house bedrooms located behind Miguel’s Pizza where guest can come to sleep with the convenience of a restaurant to eat breakfast and dinner at. Each lockable very clean bedroom comes with 2 queen beds, wifi and 2 work desks.

    Next the Cozy Cabin and Big House came along, both located within walking distance of Natural Bridge state park. The Cabin is small and comfortable. It has all the basic needs with 2 bedrooms and can sleep 6.

    The Big House Lodge is a large 3 story house with 9 bedrooms and sleeps 30, making it perfect for large groups to come enjoy this spacious and unique castle like structure.

    The Climber’s Nest house is in Zoe, Kentucky located in Lee county. It has 3 separate apartment rentals. The first is the cute modern Wren that can sleep 6. The Cardinal and the Dove both have 3 bedrooms and can sleep 8 in each. The Climber’s Nest is located in between and close by to Muir Valley and the Red River Climbers Coalition property in the Bald Rock area of Beattyville.

     The Coastal house is located in Stanton where renters can enjoy the conveniences of shopping in town before venturing into the Gorge, where the basic commodities are harder to come by.

        The RRG area has many attractions. The Red River Gorge has a unique lush plant growth, many cliff lines with over 17 natural rock arches and many developed hiking trails on the US forest service property as well at the Natural Bridge state park. There is also many planned family reunions in the area and tourist attractions like the Kentucky reptile zoo, the Gorge Underground, the Zipline at Cliff view, the Via Ferrata with Southeast guides and many excited rock climbers from all over the world that travel here for one of best rock climbing crag experiences in the United States. Miguel’s rock climbing shop is next door to Miguel’s pizza and it has one of the largest rock climbing shoes selection in the eastern United States as well as “all things rock climbing.”

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